People do business with
people they like, know and trust

A great brand is a reflection of what your company is, what your company aspires to be, and how people perceive your company - that's your “brand.” Your brand should also be based on what your target market wants and expects your company to be. Your brand is a perception in the mind of a customer and in the minds of your employees. It should be familiar, personal and authentic as well as professional and memorable.

Company branding is really personal branding at its core and is always built around trust. “Branding” is any and every experience someone has with your company. Each brand experience will be unique to each individual, and so everyone has a different brand perception of your company. Do your customers and employees trust you to be ethical?

CityWide Digital believes that personal branding translates into the experience that a customer has with your whole company. It's someone’s experience with one person or a small team and is an extension of your company brand. It is marketing you and your team members as experts in the industry.

Marketing an individual or a single team rather than your entire company may sound counterintuitive at first, but positioning your team as the expert and showcasing that expertise will cut through the clutter and make a personal connection. This will allow your company to break out of the low bid mentality and actually command higher rates. Potential customers need reassurance that the job you do will be done right. Selecting a tried-and-true “expert” ups the game and increases the odds of the job being done right.

Establishing a quality brand takes perseverance and patience - but it’s well worth the effort. CityWide Digital will help you brand properly, and not just with a skookum logo. A memorable brand experience will help acquire even more satisfied customers and ultimately drive more sales.

Branding is